How To Read Thai – Non-colour version (paperback)


How To Read Thai is the 4th volume in our Quest series. As it’s name suggests, it will teach you how to read Thai.

Note: this is the non-colour (black & white) version of the book. We do have a [much more expensive] colour version.

We hold older stock of this book at our home in Thailand (only the cover’s changed), but we don’t hold copies of this version/cover.

Please see the description below for further details (you can also click inside and check out the book, too).

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The 4th volume in our Quick, Easy, Simple Thai (Quest) series, this book teaches you how to read Thai  (yay!).

“An impossible task”, say some.

“Too difficult for farangs,” say others.

They’re all wrong. Learning how to read Thai isn’t difficult.

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