How To Read Thai – Colour version (paperback)


Yes, this is the colour version of our How To Read Thai book.

“Why is it so expensive?” I hear you ask.

Well, it’s not down to us…

Read more below.

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The colour version is this price because Amazon have a set price per book. This is based on:

  • the colour of the paper you use in your book
  • the number of pages
  • whether your book has colour in it or not

It’s this last one that’s the decider/crippler.

With How To Read Thai, due to its 380-something pages, a colour version was never going to be cheap. And is why we created a black and white (or non-coloured) version as well. This one’s much cheaper.

Unfortunately, our Quest system uses color for consonant classes. It’s been like this since volume 1 – Learning Thai Your Great Adventure.

In the interests of having a consistent system, this is why we decided to publish this coloured version as well. In all honesty, and given the number of sales, it wasn’t cost effective to do so; but here we are. That’s the reason.

If you want a coloured version of the book but don’t want to pay the full Amazon price, then there’s always the ebook version.

Click below to check inside the book (and see why it’s so worth it):