Learn Thai

We created our own learning Thai system and named it QUest. Quest stands for Quick, Easy, Simple Thai.

We believe our Quest system to be the only end-to-end system that takes you from an absolute beginner, with no knowledge of Thai at all, through to being able to speak and read Thai. (Our write Thai material is coming soon, though.)

Sale Copies

We only have pdf downloads of the latest versions of our books, but if you want to pick up a previous version (the only difference is the cover’s changed), then you can get one here at a vastly reduced price.

Be aware that once these sale copies are gone, that’s it. We won’t be getting anymore.

At the moment, we’re trying to source a decent Print On Demand company here in Thailand, but it’s proving more difficult than expected. Shipping costs from the USA are extortionate for books, so it’s better for you to buy direct.

Outside of Thailand

If you’re outside of Thailand, then it’ll likely be cheaper for you to purchase from the Amazon in your country. There’ll be a link to the relevant Amazon page in the individual product description.


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